Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reference Candy Wrapping Dictionary

A dictionary of terms commonly encountered in the candy wrapping world.

Candy Wrapper Template
Stands for a STANDARD OPEN END wrapper.  It's a wrapper that will fit around a normal flat Hersey candy bar and the ends are left open.  Some people purchase colored foil and pre-wrap the candy bar in it before placing the wrapper around it...this gives your wrapper a very professional look.  Or you can choose to leave the ends sticking out or tape them up to the candy bar before wrapping.  PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST leave the original wrapper on the place your personalized wrapper over the top of it.
Stands for a STANDARD CLOSED END wrapper.  This wrapper is longer than the soe and covers the entire candy bar.  You will need to secure both the back and each end of your personalized wrapper.  There is a little tool called a "crimper" that will make your ends look just like the ends of the regular wrapper. 
This type of personalized wrapper fits the small Hershey miniature bars that come in a bag.  They are pretty small and don't allow a whole lot of room for personalization but most people use them by putting several in a small box or a clear bag with a topper.  The ends are open to these wrappers.
Bag Topper (BT)
This wrapper is cut out and folded over the top of a bag.  It depends on how wide your wrapper is as to what bag it fits. A bag topper that is about 6-7 inches wide will fit the small lunch bag or zip lock bag.  Bag toppers come in different sizes and can fit over a clear cello bag or even a sandwich bag.
Salt and Pepper Shakers (S&P)
This wrapper is cut out, laminated and then wrapped and glued around a disposable set of Salt and Pepper shakers that you can purchase at any Walmart, Kmart, Target, Dollar Store, etc.
Gallon Can or Gift  Can
This wrapper is cut out, laminated and then wrapped and glue around the empty gallon paint can. The handles can be decorated with beads, ribbon, pipe cleaners, yarn, etc.  These paint cans can be purchased and your local hardware stores, Home Depot or Lowes.
You can also get this in PDF here at 4shared.


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